Behavioral Health Care Services

The Base Service Unit (BSU)

The BSU is the point of entry into the Behavioral Health system. This is where a consumer begins his or her recovery process. The BSU offers assessment, monitoring, and case management services. To receive services from any of the following programs, an intake must be completed. A referral to appropriate level of care is made at conclusion of intake.


Case Management (BCM)

Case Management helps adults, adolescents, and children improve their quality of life by connecting them with community resources. reduces the need for more involved services by assisting with housing, medical care, education, and employment.


Outpatient Mental Health

The outpatient department offers both counseling and medication management. Licensed Clinicians provide therapy at the main clinic, as well as select satellite locations. Services are provided to consumers of all ages that meet the appropriate diagnostic criteria. Clinicians utilize evidence based practices and collaborate with other treatment team members to enable consumers to achieve their therapeutic goals. Outpatient services can include individual, group, marriage, and family therapy sessions. Along with medication management, our psychiatrists provide psychiatric evaluations, supervise and consult with the clinicians regarding best practices and patient care.

Counsel, Help, Intervention, Listen, and Links (CHILL) Program: A program in which therapists are able to provide outpatient therapy to the students in the school setting in Washington and Greene Counties.  

Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The Student Assistance Program is a state mandated program for all school districts, and seeks to provide early identification of students with mental health needs. The SAP worker is stationed within select Washington County schools. Students are identified and referred by school personnel. The SAP liaison in turn conducts screenings and assessments; eligible students may participate in up to six group or individual sessions. Should a child require further treatment, the SAP liaison will refer them to the appropriate level of care.



Video conferencing that allows clients to connect with their psychiatrist through the use of TV cameras and microphones. Centerville Clinics has partnered with Greene County Human Services, Value Behavioral Health, and Greene County schools to provide this service.


Partial Hospitalization

Intensive day treatment program serving children, adolescents, and adults with significant behavioral health issues. Treatment includes medication management, individual and group therapy sessions. There is an educational component for school-aged children and a summer program is offered during the summer months. Clients continue to reside in their homes and are transported to the treatment center each day.


Psychological Evaluations

Evaluations are conducted by a licensed psychologist at our Centerville, Washington, and Waynesburg Offices. The psychologist has the ability to recommend in home services for children and family.


Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services

Services that can be provided in the home, school, and community settings for children and adolescents. Services are provided by trained staff that work one-on-one with the child. The staff assists the family and/or school staff in dealing with the child’s emotional or behavioral problems.


Family Based Mental Health Services

Designed to prevent the hospitalization or out of home placement of an identified child, adolescent, or young adult in the family who is experiencing significant emotional and/or behavioral difficulties.


Certified Peer Specialist

Certified Peer Specialists (CPS) are consumers who have an identified mental illness, and have overcome many of the hurdles associated with said illness.  The Certified Peer Specialists are trained to share the journey of recovery both through their support and personal experiences. Through shared experiences, the CPS provides moral and emotional support in the consumer’s’ home, the community and/or an office setting.


Emergency Services


Our main number, 724-632-6801, operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week in case of a mental health emergency.



We encourage you to reach out to us with questions or concerns about our behavioral health services and programs provided by our providers. For further inquiries on our other services such as dental and black lung please contact us at 724-632-6801!