Centerville Clinics, Inc. – COVID-19 Vaccine Information

This site has been updated on 01/12/2021 The information on this website has been updated. Please read it entirely before submiting any informaton.

Centerville Clinics, Inc. has been approved as a provider for the COVID-19 vaccine. As a service to our community we are offering the vaccine to all eligible individuals. At this point, all personnel who fall in Category 1A according to the Pennsylvania Covid-19 Interim Vaccination Plan are eligible.

IMPORTANT: This first round of vaccines is not for the general public, we are required to follow the Pa Department of Health and Center for Disease Control priority guidelines. We will be providing additional vaccine opportunities and will publish notifications when other individuals are able to be vaccinated.

As of December 30, 2020 and per the secretary of health’s order for COVID-19 vaccination guidelines, We will only be administering to healthcare providers that qualify in phase 1A category. If you do not meet the criteria to fall under the 1A healthcare category, we ask that you hold off from completing this roster.

This is a rapidly developing process, and may be subject to change. Please be patient. Completing this survey will allow us to contact you to gather more information and to schedule a vaccine appointment once we have secured the vaccine.

We expect to begin receiving the Moderna vaccine beginning the week of December 21. We will be providing vaccines at our Washington, Centerville and Uniontown locations. Organizations are asked to fill out this survey so we may work with you directly on planning to vaccinate your eligible personnel: Centerville Clinics, Inc. – Vaccine Survey

Once you submit the survey, we will email you a roster for you to list all individuals who wish to be vaccinated to be returned to us. IMPORTANT: The roster must include all requested information such as name, age, position, allergies, COVID-19 diagnosis and other information necessary to determine eligibility. We will email this roster and registration form to you once we receive your completed survey. Whenever we send this information it may come in an ecrypted email from Barracuda. You will need to create an account on Barracuda to be able to access the forms. We ask that you fax back the completed roster and registration forms to the registration department at 724-632-6840 or 724-632-5910. Once we have received and completed your registration, we will be contacting you to schedule at one of our locations. You will need to bring your insurance card and photo ID to your appointment.

Everyone needs to meet the following guidelines to be COVID-19 vaccinated:

1. If you have tested positive within the last 90 days we will not be able to administer the vaccine to you at this time, it is not recommended according to the CDC guidelines.

2. If you have had a past severe allergic reaction to a medication, injectable medication or any other vaccine, please contact your Primary Care Physician to obtain a written clearance that you are able receive the Moderna vaccine. You will need to submit this before we can administer the vaccine to you.

3. You do not qualify for COVID-19 vaccination if you have received any other vaccination within the last 14 days.

Again, please complete the survey here:

Centerville Clinics, Inc. – Vaccine Survey

Centerville Clinics is grateful to be able to provide vaccine opportunities to all eligible residents of our service area, Washington, Fayette and Greene Counties.

Please contact us at: or 724.632.6801, option 9 should you have any questions/concerns.