Partial Hospitalization (Child - Adolescent - Adult)

Centerville Clinics, Inc. Partial Hospitalization Program operates as a day medical treatment program. The primary purpose is to provide a planned program of therapy and other treatment modalities, for clients with a mental disability who require more extensive treatment than can be provided on an outpatient basis and yet who are not so severely disturbed as to require total inpatient care. Any individual who is determined by the local Base Service Unit as requiring partial hospitalization shall be eligible to receive services. Patients in partial hospitalization programs shall receive a minimum of 3 hours of planned treatment programs per hospitalization day. These programs shall emphasize a therapeutic milieu, and include therapeutic, recreational, social and vocational activities, individual, group, or family psychotherapy, psychiatric, psychological and social evaluations, medication evaluations and other activities as determined by the treatment team

Partial hospitalization services may be directed towards different patient populations. Therefore, two different types of partial hospitalization programs are delineated.

Adult partial hospitalization is a program designed for the treatment of adults with acute psychiatric illness, or an acute exacerbation of chronic psychiatric illness, or the treatment and rehabilitation of adults who are chronically ill and marginally functional and who require a more intensive and supervised treatment program than that which is afforded by various types of outpatient or aftercare programs.
Adult partial hospitalization programs may treat adolescents under the age of 14 years when clinically appropriate, and where specialized children and youth partial hospitalization programs are not available. The treatment plan shall specify the appropriateness of this procedure. When adolescents are treated in the adult program, a specialized program appropriate to their needs shall be developed including arrangements for education.
Children and youth partial hospitalization programs are designed for the treatment of adolescents and children 14 years of age or under as either alternatives to inpatient care or as more intensive treatment programs than are afforded by outpatient settings. Children and youth partial hospitalization programs may treat adolescents 14 years of age and older when clinically appropriate.


Washington County
(1) Washington Adult/Adolescent partial Hospitalization program, 27 Highland Ave, Washington, Pa 15301
(2) Vestaburg Partial Adult Hospitalization program 303 Hill Street, Vestaburg

Greene County
(1) East Franklin Children’s Partial Hospital Program
(2) Waynesburg Adult Partial program

Westmoreland County
Westmoreland County Children’s/Adolescent Partial Hospital program