Dr. C. Michael Irvin

Chief of Podiatry at Centerville Clinics

Dr. C. Michael Irvin is Chief of Podiatry at Centerville Clinics. A graduate of Washington and Jefferson College, he earned both a bachelor of science degree and a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago, Illinois.

He completed a residency in podiatric medicine and surgery at Central Community Hospital in July 1983 and held a fellowship in 1983-1984 at Foote Memorial Hospital.

In 1984 he joined the practice of Grant E. Wiig, D.P.M. in Jackson, Michigan, as an associate. In 1985 he joined the medical staff of Centerville Clinics. Dr. Irvin also practices with Greene Podiatry Associates and is on the medical staff at Brownsville General Hospital, Greene County Memorial Hospital, and Jefferson Hospital.

Dr. Irvin is Board Certified by the American College of Foot Surgery and by the American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics.