Behavioral Health Care Services

Base Service Unit

The Base Service Unit (BSU) is the "point of entry" for consumers into Mental Health/Mental Retardation programs. The BSU offers direct services and also provides referrals to numerous county and community programs. The Base Service Unit offices are located in the Yablonski Memorial Clinic and in our Greene County Mental Health Office at 190 Bonar Avenue, Waynesburg.

All services offered through the Base Service Unit are confidential. No treatment and personal information is transmitted to other agencies or individuals without your written permission.

Services Offered

Outpatient Services provides therapy through a variety of modalities, including individual and group therapy, family and marriage counseling, psychotropic intervention, psychological testing, and psychiatric evaluations.

Intensive Case Management provides 24-hour-a-day assistance to seriously and chronically mentally ill adults and children through natural supports, community resources, and specialized treatment to gain access to medical, educational, and social services.

After-Care Coordination provides services for consumers hospitalized for mental-health reasons. Services needed after discharge are arranged. Those services include outpatient therapy, psychiatric care, medication checks, partial hospitalization programs, housing referrals, and other referrals as needed.

Student Assistance Program (SAP) provides services to area schools. These services include student assessment, crisis intervention and prevention, and clinical treatment. Treatment may be handled on an outpatient basis or on-site within the school, as deemed appropriate.

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services is a way to improve the lives of children and families who have complex needs. Services include Therapeutic Staff Support, Behavioral Specialists, and Mobile Therapists.

For more information on the Wrap-Around Services Program, please call the Joseph A. Yablonski Memorial Clinic at 724-632-6801.

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services at Centerville Clinics provides services to patients from birth to age 21. BHR Services is a community-based program that provides behavioral health rehabilitation to children and their families in settings within their home and community. The services are designed to meet the needs of the child as well as the needs of the family. An individualized service plan is developed by an Inter-Agency Team that includes the child, family members, and others who know the child best. The plan is needs-driven, family-centered, and strength-based. The focus of the plan is normalization. The goal of BHR Services is for the child to be maintained in his or her natural environment in lieu of a more-restrictive setting. BHR Services include o Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS). A TSS worker provides one-on-one behavioral intervention to a child or adolescent, so that the child or adolescent will learn the concrete behavioral goals as specified in the behavioral and treatment plans.

Mobile Therapy (MT)

An MT provides intensive therapeutic services to the child or adolescent in settings other than the provider agency or office. Family therapy also can be provided as needed.

How the BHRS Program Works

The child or adolescent is identified as potentially being in need of behavioral health services.
The child or adolescent is referred to a psychiatrist or a licensed psychologist for an evaluation.
A preliminary recommendation is made to an Inter-Agency Team.
The Inter-Agency Team reviews the evaluation and recommendation.
Documentation is submitted to Value Behavioral Health Services for authorization.
A provider is selected.
BHR Services begin.

Who is eligible for BHR Services?

BHR Services can be provided to families who meet the following criteria:

  • The child or adolescent is under the age of 21
  • The child or adolescent has a mental health diagnosis.
  • The child or adolescent has a mental health diagnosis.
  • The child or adolescent is at risk of out-of-home placement or is in the process of being transitioned back into their home environment following an out-of-home placement.

Less-restrictive services have been attempted and have not proven to be sufficient in meeting the child's treatment needs.

A licensed psychologist or psychiatrist has deemed the services medically necessary.
The child or adolescent is eligible for Medical Assistance or is enrolled in a Managed Care program.

Partial Hospitalization Program

The Centerville Clinics Partial Hospitalization Program focuses on providing intensive multidisciplinary mental health care on an outpatient basis. The program is designed to provide a therapeutic community for children and adolescents who cannot function in everyday social, school, work, or in community situations. Our program provides:

  • An alternative to hospitalization for individuals at risk
  • An alternative to inpatient care
  • Ongoing support for individuals after they have been discharged from inpatient care.
  • Our program is divided into two developmental age groups
    • Children ages 6 to 12 years
    • Adolescents age 13 to 18 years.

Our goal is to design individualized treatment plans for each client. Each plan involves the work of a multidisciplinary team that includes the client, family members, staff, and the referral source. Our treatment teams include:

  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Mental health professionals
  • Counselors

Our Services Include

Psychiatric and psychological evaluations
Individual, group, and family therapy
Case management
Educational services
Behavioral modification
Aftercare follow-up
Medication monitoring
Crisis management and intervention services (24 hours a day)
Outpatient services
Wrap-around services

The Centerville Clinics Partial Hospitalization Program is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare under Title 55

For more information on our services, and the location closest to you, call the Joseph A. Yablonski Memorial Clinic at 724-632-6801.